About Me

An Odyssey of Inspiration & Design.

I'm Rob, a passionate UX/UI designer currently contributing my creativity to the Cardano Foundation. As the Creative Director at Webspinning, I've been crafting digital experiences since the tender age of 12, driven by a childhood memory of a rainy day in France when my father built a website. That moment ignited a lifelong love affair with design and technology.

A Rainy Day Spark

My journey into web design began on a dreary day during a family vacation. Inspired by my dad's creation of a website, I embarked on a mission to explore the vast realm of digital design. Little did I know that this rainy day would be the catalyst for a lifelong passion. Since then, I've been weaving pixels into captivating online experiences.

Webspinning Takeover

At the age of 17, I dropped out of college and seized the reins of Webspinning, turning it into a thriving business. Over the years, I've had the privilege of generating millions for our clients through innovative and effective web solutions. Webspinning is not just a business; it's a canvas where we dream up digital masterpieces, creating meaningful and impactful online identities for our clients.

Beyond the Pixels

When I'm not immersed in the digital world, you'll find me reveling in my love for sports. From the football fields of my youth to the cricket pitch, I've always been drawn to the camaraderie and thrill of athletic pursuits. In the last decade, I've discovered immense joy in the rhythm of running and the satisfaction of a good workout, finding balance and inspiration outside the realms of design.

A Social Life for Me

I find solace in the warmth of personal connections. I share my life in Nottingham with my wonderful girlfriend, Sophie. Whether it's unwinding at my favorite pub with friends or savouring a quiet date night, these moments of connection and laughter are essential to my well-rounded journey. Balancing the dynamic world of design with the simple joys of personal relationships - the key to a fulfilling and harmonious life.

Designing Futures

Today, I continue my dual roles as a UX/UI designer for the Cardano Foundation and the Creative Director at Webspinning. Each project is an opportunity to innovate and make a lasting impact in the digital landscape. As I evolve with technology, I remain steadfast in my commitment to creating seamless and delightful experiences that resonate with users and leave a lasting imprint on the ever-evolving web.

Rob Salaman

I'm a UX/UI leader👨‍💻, blending design flair with a passion for fitness🏋️ and a zest for life🍻!

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