Struggling to drop that last 1% of body fat, or even if you’re struggling to drop that fists 1% of body fat – you should probably read this.

What it all comes down to when you’re trying to drop your fat is calories in vs calories out, but it’s never that simple. You need to be manipulating the way your body composition looks too.

Forget bf% for now, if you look the way you want to look, you’re at the correct bf%. The way that you achieve your ideal body composition is by working out hard, doing proper cardio and eating a good macro and micro rich diet. 

When you’re eating the right things, combined with a good weight routine and using cardio to create a calorie deficit rather than dropping your calorie intake; your body will start to look like the Batman figure you’ve always aspired to be.

  • Keep good macro percentages
  • Keep a micronutrient rich diet
  • Train hard and heavy (but keep your ego in check)
  • Hit cardio whenever it suits don’t worry about timings, just do it properly

If you stick to these simple principles you’ll suddenly drop the desired bf% anyway, as well as creating a much better body composition. You’ll be drooling over you reflection in no time.

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