Wallis Rentals, Cambridge Car Hire.

Why hire from Cambridge Car Hire? Well, there are multiple reasons. Cambridge Car Hire is part of the Wallis & Son Ltd. Group, who have been around for 81 years; so you can rest assured that you’re getting top quality service with years of backing.

Cambridge Car Hire offers many different styles of vehicles to satisfy your needs anything including standard car hire, luxury car hire, classic car hire, sports car hire, 4×4 car hire, van hire to car transporter hire. So whether you feel to desire to drive away in a luxury Bentley S1, be the envy of all your friends in an Aston Martin DB9 or simply just need to hire a van for that big move to Uni, Cambridge Car Hire have you covered for all events.

What do they offer?

Cambridge Car Hire offers a fantastic range of variety which means that you’re almost certain to find something for you. The website (cambridge-car-hire.co.uk) offers a booking system which means you’re able to book your required vehicle and choose the days you want to hire it for, you’re even able to pay a deposit to secure your booking.

Before you hire you vehicle there are multiple galleries that show off each of the prestige & classic cars for hire, so you can see just how lucky you can be!

Are they reliable?

Yes, they are! You can preview multiple reviews via Google and they also have a testimonials section where people have left their thoughts.

The car was great.
But more importantly is the extraordinary service from the company.
– Dustin

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