It wasn’t long ago that I was an insanely skinny kid and I was teased for being scrawny and then I took it to another level and became a little chub monster, finally I learned how to train combined with a good nutritional plan and the results have only gotten better.

It wasn’t the easiest road to transform the way that I looked. Here’s how I battled my three stages:

  • Skinny.
  • Chubby.
  • No belief.

1. Skinny.

When I was in year 12 one of the girls at the time who I was pretty good friends with told another one of my mates that she thought I was ‘scrawny’, when he told me what she had said it hit me rather deep and I decided that I wanted to do something about it, or so I thought…

So to start off with I was a skinny dude, I started doing some lifting with my two best mates at the time Toby & Chester. I didn’t really take it very seriously and it was more of a social event for me (turns out I wasn’t too bothered about what had been said).

But then..

I started to notice little changes, like veins and harder bits of muscle and I thought that maybe I could make bigger changes if I focused more of my effort into it.

After a few months I started to add size and I wanted to add more so over the next few years with very little knowledge and no real desire to read and learn I just dove head in and ate everything in sight, trained 3 to 4 times per week and just thought that’s how people got that aesthetic physique.

It wasn’t until I was 21 that I looked in the mirror and realised that although my arms were measuring at 17.5″ my waist was about 36″ and my legs had no development whatsoever.

I took a real hard look at myself and decided it was time to change.

2. Chubby.

Once I had decided to lose my fat I read everything I could find on how to do more effective cardio how to fast etc. I went about everything in the complete wrong way and formed a bad relationship with food.

After having really bad results for about 10 months and the only difference I had made was dropping my arm measurements down to 15″ and my waist only to 35″, I decided to learn as much as possible about bodybuilding and how it works.

Still after about another year I couldn’t see any difference in myself and I really started to doubt what I was doing, I thought about just giving it all up.

3. Doubt.

However, what was about to happen was exactly what brought me to where I am now. I was in a club with one of my mates and somebody from my old school came over to me (somebody who had once made funny of my skinniness) and he said “Damn Rob, you’ve been hitting the gym, you look good.”

The next morning I was thinking about it and I went to look myself in the mirror, for the first time I realised that I had abs and that my body had grown. How hadn’t I noticed this before? It’s because I hadn’t been believing in myself, I hadn’t been tracking my progress, taking pictures to inspire myself.

Once I had realised this I trained even harder, I ate even better and read as much information as I could (and still do!). Guess what? My progress went through the roof and I was beleieving in my progress.

It all came to knowledge. The more that I decided to learn; the bigger and leaner I became. It wasn’t a coincidence that once I dived into every book, magazine, and fitness blog I started to achieve new levels.

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