Low reps Vs high reps for muscle growth

So here’s a debate that I have quite a close relationship with, do we get better growth results from heavy weight and low reps or moderate weight and high rep?

Moderate weight high reps: When choosing a moderate weight the main benefit is you’ll be able to concentrate on a full contraction meaning that the muscle is working a full range of motion. When you’re doing this you’re forcing the full muscle to realise it’s being put under stress and it will need to adapt to lift the weight in this way for a prolonged period of time.

A lower weight approach will also lower you risk of injury and long lasting damage. You’re able to concentrate all you attention on the lift without the fear of damaging yourself.

My main con for moderate weight lifting are that you’re likely to not keep as much focus on the ‘mind-muscle connection’, by this what I mean is that you’re less likely to be focusing on the movement and feeling the squeeze every single rep. This can lead to sloppy form and only completing partial reps which then has no real benefit to you at all.

Heavy weight low reps: When it comes to heavy weight for a low rep range the benefits can be monumental assuming you’re eating the right amount of food to support this endeavour.

When it comes to lifting heavy your muscles are shocked and know that they need to grow if they are to continue lifting heavy. I’ve had some excellent results from lifting heavy.

Remember to check you ego. Although heavy lifting can have some amazing benefits, if you’re lifting too heavy you’re not going to be completing the movement correctly, which not only means you won’t achieve any growth – but far more seriously you risk really serious injuries.

Conclusion: In conclusion, I would argue that it comes down to personal preference, you’re more likely to get better results from heavy lifting if you perform the movements correctly and you increase the weight in small frequent increments. However, if you’re someone who is likely to get carried away in a testosterone-fueled frenzy and try to lift 100kg more than you can do (I’ve been guilty of this myself), I’d stick to the lower weight and focus on contracting your muscles and seeing the benefits for a while first; this way you learn the value of form over ego.

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