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Bulking Myths

So we all want to get bigger over the ‘bulking’ period, but I’m here to put some of the myths to rest.

So many people believe that you go straight into eating as much food as you can.

This isn’t such a good idea. You need to slowly up your calorie and carbohydrate intake. If you go straight for it will have a negative effect and will just increase your body fat rather than your muscle size. You should really only be aiming to add 1lbs per week.

While bulking it’s still important to have as high a protein intake as possible, especially whilst you’re sleeping, so it’s probably best to have Casein Protein shakes before sleep, as Casein is the best slow release protein known.

Eat loads of carbs

This is also a very bad idea. You want to keep a fairly high carb intake to allow your muscles to grow and you energy levels to stay high, but it’s important to keep your protein & fibre intake higher, but still sticking to a good calorie base, or you will just get fat.

Bulking is in many ways just as hard as cutting, and you’ll do very well to remember that.

Lifting Really Heavy

Now, whilst being true, there’s also a lot surrounding this matter. You can’t just aimlessly bung more and more plates on and lift heavier and heavier. Doing 10 reps with terrible form with a heavier weight is less productive than 10 reps with a lower weight and proper reps.

You can do cheat sets, just don’t introduce them too early in your workout.

Rely on your Supplements

Now this is complete rubbish, whilst supplements are essential to bulking and cutting, they’re not your main source of development, you need a well balanced diet, and you need to put the work in.
So get this myth out of your head, use them, but don’t ever rely on supplements.


Try not to think about it too much, it will come to you, there’s no rush. Building muscle takes time and dedication to the cause.

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