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HIIT Training

So recently I’ve been cutting and I’ve found that a mixture of HIIT and LIIT training has been working very well for me.

This is a typical day for me:

  • I spend just over an hour doing weight training.
  • 20 mins LIIT jog.
  • 20 mins HIIT training.

Now lots of people don’t really know what to do with HIIT training, so here’s how I do mine:

Warm up (No rest in-between exercises) –

  • 20 reps – Touch your toes
  • 20 reps – Lunges
  • 20 reps – Side lunges
  • 20 seconds – High knees
  • 20 seconds – Butt kicks/ Heel flicks
  • 20 seconds – Arm circles
  • 20 reps – Truck twists
  • 20 reps – Side strech

HIIT training (agian it’s important not to rest between exercises) –

  • 30 seconds – High knees sprints
  • 10 reps – Burpees
  • 30 seconds – Mountain climbers
  • 20 reps – Touch the floor then jump
  • 30 seconds – Butt kicks/ Heel flicks
  • 30 reps – Star jumps

Now this might not seem like a lot, but trust me you will feel this after one set. Take a 1-2 minute rest and then repeat the HIIT training at least 4 more times.

This will burn off any extra fat in no time, this is because training in a HIIT fashion will keep burning calories for up to 24 hours after.

How do you make an object 100% minus a set number of pixels?

Well, it’s really not as hard as you would think.

In your css in the element that you want to be a percentage minus a set number of pixels add this:

width: calc(100% - /*no of pixels*/px);

However, you will have to add in a few lines to make sure it’s browser compatible:

width: calc(100% - /*no of pixels*/px);
width: -moz-calc(100% - /*no of pixels*/px);
width: -webkit-calc(100% - /*no of pixels*/px);
width: -o-calc(100% - /*no of pixels*/px);
width: -ms-calc(100% - /*no of pixels*/px);
/*Firefox, Safari and Chrome, Opera, IE*/

And there you have it, an element which fits exactly how you require.

Star Wars Teaser Trailer 2

Who else is excited for the new star wars film? I know I sure as hell am!

Star Wars released a new trailer not too long ago and ever since I’ve been hyped for the new movie being released December this year.

There are so many questions that this new trailer has brought to life, I just want to get down to the movie theatre and watch it now!

Star Wars New Battlefront 3 Game 2015

Star Wars Battlefront 3 2015 looks awesome!

I’m just going to come right out and say it, yes I’m a Star Wars fag, but you have to admit it looks good 😉

The trailer has so many good features to it and Vader at the end looked the dogs.

I’m pre-ordering this game to get all the bonuses and I can’t wait to see what the gameplay is like.

Team Display – Codepen

This is a nifty little pen I did to show off a cool little team display.

  %h1 Lorem Ipsum
  %h2 Dolor Sit Amet
  %p Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt.
  %a{:href => '#'}>More Info

See the Pen Team Display by Rob Salaman (@lanesalaman) on CodePen.